it's about to get real.

At ENERGY we value real human interaction over AI. We value our real bodies over bulky, overpriced equipment. We value fueling ourselves with real lifestyle coaches and habit tracking over calorie counting and dieting apps. And we value real results over everything.

Experience the only real personal training and classes the in-home fitness industry has to offer.

your Coach will design a program

as unique as you



1. That Instant connection

From the moment you sign up, we pair you up with a real personal fitness & lifestyle coach based on your completed questionnaire. As soon as your matched, expect to have a live call with your new BFF!

2. creating change together

Our main goal at Energy is our hyper-focused approach on real training. All of your sessions are absolutely live with a personal training & lifestyle coach. With real cueing, real feedback, and real accountability, you've never experienced training like this, and you'll never want to do it any differently!

4. Surpassing Your Goals & Creating New ones!

Our goal for you is to totally crush the goals you set with your personal fitness & lifestyle coach. We want to see you kick butt and take names, and once you do, we'll celebrate right there with you!

.. and then kick your butt again until we crush your next one! 😉

3. the fitplan

Innovation + Motivation = Results

With our exclusive Energy app, you're given a course of action based on your Fitness needs and goals. Your coach will be there to hold you accountable by setting daily attainable goals via your personal FitPlan.

Together we


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